Game Review: Playseat Challenge Simulator

Playseat Challenge Simulator
Playseat Challenge Simulator
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Now if you are a fan of driving simulator games, then you would more than likely be putting a racing seat on the top of your Christmas list, apart from the obvious realistic experience they really do take driving sims to the next level, OK if you’re stuck for space (as I am) and your partner isn`t keen on having what basically looks like a stripped down car in your living room (they do take up a fair bit of space).

Well Our prayers have been answered, the Playseat Challenge Simulator is upon us and this is the first truly space saving racing seat.

Don`t be put off by the look of this the Playseat Challenge Simulator is really well thought out and does the trick admirably.

Set up is easy and its almost ready straight out of the box, the tough tubular frame and easily adjustable seat makes this ideal for adults and kids, and I was really surprised how comfortable it is, everything is adjustable (except the steering wheel height) and my Mad Catz wireless wheel fitted nicely (although I had to resort to cable ties to hold it)

The Playseat Challenge Simulator comes with a bag of Velcro strips and a few bolts for securing your favourite wheel.

Now the big deal with this chair is its ability to fold up like a deck chair and save space, it does do that yet I found with my wheel being slightly bigger than most this stopped it from folding properly, even though it still folded small enough for my liking and fits easily into a cupboard.

Build quality is everything you would expect from Playseat , tough and well thought out.

So what’s it like once it’s set up? Well the answer is pretty awesome actually, the steering rack lifts up so you can sit down easily, and once inside secures with a nice clamp, the wheel can be adjusted forwards or back for comfort and there is a small balancing arm that extends on the left hand floor side that gives the chair stability, so there is no fear of falling over.

I put on the new GRID Autosport game (review coming soon) and away I went and to be honest this takes racing sims to a whole new level, forget about steering wheel holders and the sofa once you`ve tried one of these there’s no going back!

The Playseat Challenge Simulator is really comfortable thanks to the adjustable lumbar support and ergonomically designed seat I spent a few hours in this and never felt any back or bottom ache (unlike some racing seats).


To be honest I can`t fault this chair, its tough, comfortable and practical if you’re stuck for space then this is ideal and even though it looks flimsy in the pictures it is far from that, OK it is a bit pricey but Playseat haven`t compromised on build quality here and I would rather have one of these than a conventional one, mainly because I can fold it up and put it away.

Let`s face it if you`re partner is frowning upon the idea of you getting a driving cockpit then this might just swing the deal!

Compatible with Playstation2®, Playstation3®, Xbox®, Xbox 360®, Wii®, Mac® and PC

Compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market

Patented universal fully adjustable steering wheel and pedal set support

Ergonomic adjustable seat with adjustable lumbar support

Easy to set up and fully adjusted within seconds

Superior build quality, stability and comfort

Easy to store due to it’s unique and patented collapsible design

Price: £159.95

Available from

Comfort: 5/5

Usabilty: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Overall: 5/5