Nelson terraced houses demolished in regeneration scheme

DESPITE the current economic climate, Nelson is seeing improvements in terms of housing regeneration – in various forms.

Friday, 2nd December 2011, 3:50 pm

For instance, some houses in the Bradley Ward which have been derelict for years are now being demolished. Two rows in Giles Street and Caleb Street off Bankhouse Road are currently being taken down.

At the same time, new homes are going up in Whitefield. The block is on site of the old Nelson Leader printworks in Every Street and builders are working on it now.

And there are several blocks of traditional terraces being given a new lease of life in Whitefield. Work had already started on Moseley Street area, but now progress is happening around the old waterworks site, which will be the location for the new Lomeshaye School.

Blocks in Every Street and Macleod Street are now under restoration. They will be on the border of the new school so it is important that they look good.

Work has now been carried out on much of the Phase 1 area of the Whitefield housing regeneration scheme.

And the fact that the Government has suggested it will agree to £1.4m. to support HMR Projects in Pendle has been welcomed.

Pendle Council chief executive Mr Stephen Barnes said: “With the help of Pendle’s MP Andrew Stephenson, we’ve been lobbying the Government for a decent settlement for Pendle. I now believe we’ve got it, and our progress in making improvements to Pendle’s housing stock can continue.”

The HMR funding is earmarked for further demolition in the Bankhouse Road and Regent Street area of Nelson, plus Brierfield Canal Corridor area and on Walton Street in Colne.