LETTER: Tracing history of the Duckworth family

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I AM currently researching a family for a friend in Australia - our two families tie up in the 1700s - they are the Duckworth family from Longridge.

While researching them, I found a newspaper article from the Burnley Express dated July, 2006, concerning the death of a Kenneth Michael Townley Duckworth who was killed out riding his bike; the article refers to his wife Kathleen and daughter Amanda.

My research has proved those facts are the family I am researching. Kenneth Michael Townley Duckworth is the son of Kenneth Townley Duckworth, and the grandson of William Townley Duckworth, and the great grandson of Mary Caroline Duckworth.

I would love to be able to put this family in touch with their direct descendent, my friend in Australia, who has already visited this country twice, hoping to meet living relatives.

I am writing this letter to you in the hope this family might see it. I believe they are still living in the Barrowford area.


Leyland, Lancashire