Nelson pupils bury time capsule at new school

A group of children from St Paul’s CE Primary School, Nelson, have been to their new school to place historical material in a time capsule.

St Paul’s is currently next to the Anglican church at the corner of Hibson Road and Halifax Road.

St Paul's Primary School pupils bury their time capsule at the site of their new school.

St Paul's Primary School pupils bury their time capsule at the site of their new school.

But in September they will move to the new school – on the site of the former Edge End High School.

A team of 10 children have been on the Time Capsule Committee and, since Christmas, have met each week to come up with ideas.

And now historical material from both the church and school have been placed in the capsule.

The team went along to place the time capsule at the new school site. And it will be opened after half a century, so they will be able to go along and see everything again then!

The new St Paul's Primary School.

The new St Paul's Primary School.

St Paul’s Church donated items about the history there, including photos from the past.

The children were keen to include Royal Family pictures including the birth of Prince George.

Each team member also came up with personal profiles, and they also took lots of pictures in their current school and the church.

Their shots and a video of the group will be preserved in the time capsule – along with pens, pencils and rubbers!

Susan Clegg, the school bursar, said: “It will be unearthed in 50 years time.

“The children had a good time going there and placing lots of material from the church and their school in the capsule.”

After the summer holidays the St Paul’s pupils will not only have a new school, they will also have a new uniform as the current red will be replaced with purple.