New committee geared to saving Colne Cricket Club

Colne Cricket Club which is in danger of closing. A150211/1b
Colne Cricket Club which is in danger of closing. A150211/1b
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Colne Cricket Club is edging its way out of trouble after new members joined the committee at the annual general meeting.

With debts of £150,000, members at the meeting on February 25th were asked to either vote in favour of the current committee, who had vowed to carry on until the end of the season in September, and pay one of the debtors £500 up to the same period, or vote in a new committee to take the club forward and pay one of the debtors £500 indefinitely until it is repaid.

The second of those options was voted through and the committee has now expanded to 12 people, with a debtor being paid £500 indefinitely until the debt is paid off. The other debt, to Thwaites, is still to be resolved.

Michael Wrigglesworth, Vice Chairman of the previous committee, will continue on it until the end of the season.

He said: “A new committee was formed on Thursday and a further meeting has been set up to finalise the situation.

“We have the best part of 12 people now which is an increase of five and the general vibe is positive to turn the club’s fortunes around.

“Obviously we are looking forward to the new season and to try and deal with finances of the club. It’s not just the cricket, we do need to increase financial revenue to tackle the debt.”

On the pitch, the club is paying for players to gain coaching badges so that youngsters can be coached, while off the pitch, it is in the process of revamping its website so that booking the club for functions is simplified and contacting a club member is made easier.

Mr Wrigglesworth also confirmed that all functions currently in the diary will take place. He added: “I think it’s a positive outcome considering the severity of the situation.”