Pendle politicians speak out after death of Baroness Thatcher

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Politicians across the political spectrum in Pendle have spoken following the death of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century, on Monday.

Pendle’s current Conservative MP, Andrew Stephenson, said: “Over the coming weeks, many people will reflect on her legacy, those across Pendle who were able to buy their council houses for the first time ever, those who served in the Falklands, her role in ending the cold war and also the misguided poll tax which caused hardship for many.

“Whatever your view it is hard to deny she was a principled, conviction politician, who always put Britain’s interests first.”

Afzal Anwar, who stood for the Liberal Democrats in Pendle at the last General Election, said: “Irrespective of her political allegiance with the Conservative party, she was a great servant of the country for over a decade. I believe her legacy was that she achieved global recognition for Great Britain.”

The chairman of Pendle Labour Party, Azhar Ali, said: “People either adored her or loathed her.

“Her legacy in Pendle will be that she decimated the manufacturing industry, particularly textiles.

“She also introduced the poll tax which had a big effec t here in Pendler and led to the resignation of Pendle’s then Conservative MP, John Lee, from her ministerial team.”