Rats, a Colne landmark lost!

MIGHTY TANK: Hyde Park in Colne, circa 1920. (S)
MIGHTY TANK: Hyde Park in Colne, circa 1920. (S)
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This week our column features a truly, ultra rare 1920s postcard image of Hyde Park in Colne.

Recently and most kindly presented to me for my collection by my good friend of many years Howard Barnes was this local rarity, along with another two dozen postcards seldom seen of our Pendle towns of yesteryear.

Here at Hyde Park (named after our very own Robert Hyde who founded “The Colne and Nelson Times” in 1874) we can see the First World War armoured tank and field gun which were presented to Colne circa 1920 by the War Trophies Commission for the town’s magnificent war savings contributions.

The mighty tank and wheeled gun had a whole generation of youngsters who enjoyed playing on the captured World War One trophies.

After a decade at Hyde Park, around the year 1930 the tank and gun were taken away for scrap after a colony of huge rats was found in the base of the ancient and now rusty tank!

This card is one of only 1,000 specially made as a local souvenir of the First World War.

They were priced at just one penny each.

Brickbat of the month

Colne’s former Dockray Street Market Hall of 1937 had an imposing carved stone Colne coat of arms. Transferred to our new 1973 market hall, it now resides absurdly laid down. ’Nuff said!