Review: Christmas Advent Calendars by Playmobil

Christmas Advent Calendars by Playmobil
Christmas Advent Calendars by Playmobil
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Christmas starts the minute the first door of the Advent calendar opens.

And if we are lucky in the Hay household, door 25 doesn’t get unlocked until at least December 2nd as little fingers search for that all important chocolate.

This year Ruaridh (7) and Flora (5) will be in for a big surprise. Because instead of chocolate, they will find some toys inside instead.

And its all thanks to the clever people at Playmobil, who have come up with an alternative to the traditional calendar.

Girls are catered for with the Unicorn Fairyland, while boys can enjoy a Dragons Treasure Battle and incase those aren’t what the big man in red ordered, there is a Santa’s Workshop, a Pony Farm and Police calendar too!

The fairyland calendar gives girls the chance to dream as they visit the enchanted land of the fairies. Inside the box there are 24 surprises to find each day, ranging from a unicorn foal to three fairy figures. The boys will get chance to protect the royal treasure from the dragons, with knight figures, bows and arrows and a dragon card game to enjoy.

And the best bit about it all – no chocolate wrappers to clear up afterwards!

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