VIDEO MEMORY: Schoolgirl writes Burnley FC anthem

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Today we have the first in a new series we’re launching here at the Express, delving into our video archives to bring you memories from the past seven years.

In this first vintage video, from March 2009, we see a performance of a Burnley FC anthem penned by local schoolgirl Jasmine Clarkson (9) and her guitar teacher Andrew Gilmour in memory of her late grandfather, Fred Clarkson.

Andrew Gilmore with Jasmine Clarkson and Bertie Bee

Andrew Gilmore with Jasmine Clarkson and Bertie Bee

The nine-year-old had already attended a premiere of the new video for her song at the Rainhall Centre, Barnoldswick.

She was joined there by her parents, David and Ruth Clarkson, of Ambleside Avenue, and 60 schoolmates from Barnoldswick CE School.

The video is a compilation of various matches together with footage of Jasmine and Andrew in the recording studio, and at the ground, on the day the chorus was recorded.