Alton Towers reveal first-look images of two new attractions

Alton Towers reveal first-look images of two new attractions
Alton Towers reveal first-look images of two new attractions
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Alton Towers Resort has revealed first-look images of two new attractions.

Ahead of the park opening for 2019 on Saturday 23rd March details of the new Alton Towers Dungeon and brand new Stargazing Pods have been released.

The Alton Towers Dungeons is a hilariously hideous journey through Staffordshire’s darkest history and is the sixth Dungeon to open in the UK. Guests will be screaming with laughter whilst being sentenced by the Bishop of Stafford, surviving the plague, enduring the Torturer and also making a stop at the Witch of Burslem’s haunted cottage.

The Alton Towers Dungeon took six months to deliver with the help of 200 people working on the set-up. Twenty three actors have been recruited to work an average of 240 shows per day, with 12 smell pods used throughout the attraction and 100km of cabling laid for special effects.

Early pictures reveal three key characters from the Alton Towers Dungeon Judge, The Gatekeeper and The Torturer as well as the spooky entrance guests will take before experiencing five shows based on the UK’s most controversial deviants, aimed to tantalise and terrify each of your senses.

Some 102 Stargazing Pods will also be opening ahead of the Easter holidays, offering families the chance to spend more time outdoors and experience a unique overnight stay on the doorstep of the Alton Towers Resort.

Each of the pods made from sustainably sourced timer is complete with a telescope – encouraging guests to look up and gaze at the magic of the night sky.

Tickets to enter the park can be purchased at New for 2019 is the Premium Season Pass. For just £70, the Premium Pass offers the same benefits as the Season Pass without restrictions on peak Summer dates and during Scarefest. It also includes entry to the new Alton Towers Dungeon, making it the best value way to enjoy the Power of the Towers in 2019.

Dungeons Factsheet
·         Over 200 people will have worked on creation of ATD

·         Work began Sept 2018 – completed in 6 months (usually 18 months to deliver)

·         23 actors recruited

·         240 hours of training each – 5,520 hours in total

·         Ave. 240 shows per day (based on 6 hours operation, 8 groups per hour, 5 shows per visit)

·         Number of costume items being provided for the Dungeons

o    Garments 309

o    Hats 30

o    Wigs 20

o    Pairs of shoes 36

·         All garments are maintained and washed in-house by the Costume Team on a daily basis (11,500 garments washed each season)

·         Tools / materials used in breaking down the costumes process include:

o    Cheese grater

o    Soap (for hats)

o    Sandpaper

o    Natural dyes inc. tea, mud

o    Wax

o    Other materials are bleached to fade colours, rubbed, burned, torn etc. to appear aged

·         Jackets take on average 3.5 hours to break down, whereas a waistcoat can be distressed in 35 minutes


·         Actors trained in Dungeon make-up and dressing and care of wigs

·         All makeup made bespoke by West End theatre specialists Precious About Make-up

·         Dungeon inhabitants include:

o    25 rats (each taking up to 4 hours to creat)

o    7 skeletons (not all in one piece)

o    4 full size turkeys

·         Miles travelled by boat during the Season

·         Man hours spent transforming CCF into ATD

·         12 smell pods used throughout attraction.  Smells include:

o    Rotten corpse

o    Burnt flesh

o    Putrefying bodies

o    Stale ale

o    Eau de Ghost

·         10km cabling laid within the building for special effects

Stargazing Pods Factsheet
·         There are 102 Stargazing Pods

·         Open 149 days during the Season

·         Prices – from £88 off peak, from £123 peak

·         Pods constructed in County Armagh, Northern Ireland at the factory of Hawthorne Forest Products

·         Each pod takes approx. 1 day to build

·         Timber is sustainably sourced European Whitewood from managed forests in Finland under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines

·         FSC compliance means each piece of timber used in the Pods can be traced back its forest of origin

·         Each pod uses approx. 3 cubic metres of timbers (so more than 300 cubic metres of timber in total)

·         Each pod weighs 1 tonne

·         Work on site began 23rd July 2018

·         More than 250 people have worked on the project

·         Moved 1,800 cubic meters of soil around the site to re-landscape

·         Imported approx. 2,600 tonnes of stone and aggregates to build Pod foundations, Paths and the Facility Block

·         Imported approx. 5,000 tonnes of new Top Soil to provide the finish contours and planting mediums for grass and plants

·         We will have laid over 10,000 square meters of new turf around the site

·         Used around 8,000 metres of armoured cable between pod lighting, fire alarms and pathway lighting.

·         First pods arrived on site 3rd October 2019

·         Final pods arrived 18th Feb 2019

·         Pods site has been planted with 16 varieties of trees / bushes

·         Nearly 900 trees and bushes have been planted in total

·         Varieties are all native to the area and include field maple, silver birch, common hornbeam, hazel, hawthorn, holly, wild cherry, blackthorn (sloe), English oak, dog rose, willow and mountain ash