£250,000 Lottery grant for Pendle’s Building Bridges

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Cash notes 20s
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Building Bridges Pendle, which works to bring the whole community together, has been successful in an application for funding.

It applied to the Big Lottery Fund – Reaching Communities, and has been awarded a grant of £251,910 over the next three years.

Project manager Mr Rauf Bashir said: “Pendle is like many other areas where people from different cultures may be alongside each other but have separate lives and don’t naturally come into contact with each other.

“Our aim is for people not to just live side by side - but together.

“We want to improve the young peoples’ knowledge base, their skills and their experiences. When young people hear negative views being expressed they will be able to draw back on the positive experiences they will get from this project – that people can share the same values, ambitions, lifestyles and pride in their local community.

And chairman Peter Dewhurst said: “We hope that a good number of young people will become ambassadors for tolerance and understanding, demonstrating how people can get along with each other and counter stereotyping, fear and racism.

“We understand why the agenda of cohesion has become a lesser priority locally and regionally; this funding, however, will bring vital resources for important work on the cohesion agenda and ensure that the principle organisation working towards bringing communities together in Pendle remains sustainable for the near future.

“I would like to congratulate Rauf on doing a great job, including the application to the lottery.”