A grand occasion at the ‘Cons Club’

Crambie looks back at the Cons Club
Crambie looks back at the Cons Club
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Dateline: Saturday, August 5th, 1961. And here we see an invitation card which was sent to Coun. Derek Crabtree of Devafield, Keighley Road, Laneshawbridge.

The occasion was the grand re-opening of Colne Conservative Club at 105 Albert Road, originally the town’s general post office when it was built in 1895.

The Conservative club was from 1896 to 1948 at 5 Market Place, then in 1948 moved to 105 Albert Road. In 1961, these premises underwent a huge refurbishment, hence the invitation as seen here.

Note the three names on the card, all mayors of Colne: Tom Hargreaves, JP (mayor, 1961- 62); Derek Crabtree, JP (mayor, 1962-63); and Albert Seed, JP (mayor 1967-68).

Today Colne Conservative Club is no more, along with 14 other clubs which have closed in the town since 1939.

Never again will the two huge portraits of the Queen and Sir Winston Churchill stare down from the walls of the once proud Conservative club.