A Rich List lifestyle? You can keep it ...

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A national newspaper recently published a four page pull out listing what it described as the 30 richest under 30s in the country.

Now given that a fair percentage of those named were from rich families – and such was the extent of the cash floating around that Princes William and Harry only ranked equal 19th – a few more were actors/actresses/pop stars or footballers’ wives/ex-wives and a few had made fortunes out of modern technology, perhaps we should not be surprised.

But more importantly, does anyone really care?

Is anyone that interested?

Are we supposed to envy these people their wealth?

Mr Pendle does not for one.

Were it not for an accident of birth, six of the top 10 listed would not be where they are.

Some of the others have accrued their wealth through their attachments to other rich people.

But they can have all the money they have – and more besides – without making Mr Pendle jealous.

The one thing their fortunes cannot buy is happiness.

And that is one thing that Mr Pendle has in abundance.

His own home.

His own car.

No debts.

A steady job.

The freedom to live his life the way he chooses without any nosey paparazzi prying into it 24 hours a day.

Telephone figure fortunes might be the dream of some, but Mr Pendle is perfectly happy not to have one.