A summer's day view of Wycoller ...

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THIS week's time travelling scene from the past is an excellent picture circa 1970 taken by the well-known affable accountant and auditor from Trawden, Paul Woffindin.

Paul has, over a half-century, taken many splendid local photos, but I feel this summer's day view of a most picturesque Wycoller, with two of its most famous bridges captured so well, is one of his very best.

The village is a place much loved by all who visit its stunning scenery and wonderful wildlife and the now legendary Thomas Emmott said back in the 1950s: "Wycoller has a tranquillity which is to be found in no other place".

Tom Emmott, who lived in the heart of the village for many years, was a truly marvellous character whose eccentricity never detracted from his warm personality.

Tom had travelled the world and on my visits to his ancient cottage during the 1950s, I would stare in wonder at his treasure trove of unusual artefacts from his many journeys.

Sharks' jawbones, two huge eggs of an emu and rhea and a mighty fossilised trilobite were all to be seen. Here were pieces of rock from the famous volcanos of the world which Tom had brought home, including Vesuvius, Pelee, Etna and the 17,887ft high Popocatepetl.

During the long, hot and everlasting summer of 1959, Tom asked me, then aged 16, if I would help him and his beloved Lancastrian Party, stand for Parliament in the General Election that year. I was delivering his leaflets and selling Lancastrian Party enamel badges (I still have a dozen, almost 50 years on!) for 1/3d (7p) each.

On the big day, Tom appeared on television frequently and when the figures were broadcast, the results were as follows:- Sydney Silverman (Labour) 20,407; John Crabtree (Conservative) 19,143; Tom Emmott (Lancastrian) 1,889. Although beaten, Tom was truly magnanimous in defeat and praised his two rivals. His books "Eamot Eternal" and "An Outlaw in the 20th Century" are today highly collectable and will ensure that Tom Emmott of Wycoller will not be forgotten.