Anger as £269,000 road repair cash goes to Nelson

Road surface  worn away
Road surface worn away
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The bulk of £280,000 allocated for street works in Pendle has been spent in Nelson.

And the leader of Pendle Council, Coun. Joe Cooney, has written to his counterpart at County Hall, Jennifer Mein, calling for a “full investigation and explanation” as to why £269,055 was spent on works in Nelson, while only £6,810 was spent in Colne.

Coun. Joe Cooney.

Coun. Joe Cooney.

Coun. Cooney, who represents Vivary Bridge ward in Colne, said: “If the schemes in Nelson were justifiable you could understand it but for the County Council to be spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on unadopted back streets is quite simply a scandal.

“In Colne we have been waiting for pedestrian crossings, like the one in Skipton Road, and main roads to be resurfaced and this funding could have been used towards these schemes.

“Someone at the County Council has questions to answer. I think it’s the least the residents of Colne and the rest of Pendle deserve.”

Lancashire County Council’s cabinet member for highways, County Coun. John Fillis, replied: “I’m very pleased to see £280,000 of Lancashire County Council’s Neighbourhood Priority Scheme has been spent in Pendle.

“This is a Lancashire-wide scheme to provide extra support to the 10% most deprived communities in the county.

“The essence of the Priority Neighbourhood approach is the establishment of an enhanced level of community responsiveness as the norm in these geographical areas. It enables communities, councillors and MPs to put forward small projects to be considered on the agreed criteria. It is not a cross county, balanced or waited borough specific fund.

“I have checked our records and have not had any applications for Neighbourhood Priority Schemes from or supported by Coun. Cooney.”

The schemes in Colne saw £1,218 spent on a new lighting column in Peter Birtwistle Close, £1,200 on a new access path to Waterside Millennium Green and £4,392 on relaying stone paths at Turney Crook Mews.

The works and costings in Nelson are:

Resurfacing at rear of Vincent Road/Hendon Road - £6,300.

Provision of pedestrian crossing in Barkerhouse Road - £11,500.

New parking bays in Scotland Road - £42,500.

Resurfacing works at rear of Carr Road and Clayton Street - £7,500.

Verge hardening in Avondale Road - £16,000.

Traffic calming in Smith Street - £8,526.

Resurfacing at rear of Percy Street/Princess Street - £49,329.

Resurfacing at rear of Leonard Street - £41,899.

Reopening of Beech Street - £15,435.

Contribution to street lighting improvements in Beaufort Street - £25,000.

Back street resurfacing in Southfield Street, Cooper Street/Essex Street, Milton Street/West Street and Carr Road - £45,060.