"Animals deserve our kindness and respect": Pendle primary school kids' animal charity donation

The students meeting Jasper the dog.
The students meeting Jasper the dog.

Children at a Pendle primary school have collected over 700 items of food for Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue.

With the students exploring the theme of thankfulness and kindness in their Spring assemblies, Marsden Primary School welcomed a number of guest speakers at the school including a representative from Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue.

Spurred on, the school council suggested that a collection for the animal charity take place, with the children helping to collect some 730 items for the delighted organisation. "The rescue is overwhelmed by the amount of food the children have collected," said Bev Eborall from RRAR, while Deputy Headteacher Miss Charlesworth said the children 'throughly enjoyed meeting Jasper the dog and Gary the gecko when Bev came to collect the donation.

Ten-year-old Ayesha said: "Animals deserve our kindness and respect. It is important to raise awareness of how many unwanted and abandoned animals there are in Pendle who need loving homes and this rescue does a fantastic job in giving them a safe space to live while they find their forever family."