Are speed limit signs there for purely decorative purposes?

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Much has been made recently, and quite rightly so, of the value of 20mph zones.

And equally as much has been made of the inability many drivers have of sticking to them.

But should anybody really be surprised?

No one seems to understand a 30mph limit unless there is a speed camera in sight.

Limits of 40 and 50 are almost totally ignored, the 60 limit appears to be a starting point for people to get heavy on the accelerator pedal and motorways might as well be derestricted.

We all have our favourite horror stories about speeding, or our favourite, for want of a better description, road where speed limits just do not seem to matter.

And here is mine.

It is the spot about half a mile either side of the point where Greenhead Lane from Fence becomes Barden Lane in Burnley.

This is a stretch of road I use on a daily basis and it is a stretch of road used by idiots.

Heading out of Burnley, drivers leave a 20mph zone as they cross the canal.

I know they are entering a 30 zone – the majority of other road users do not and immediately start heading up to 40, 50 and more even although the national speed limit sign does not appear for over half a mile as you cross the motorway.

Similarly, heading in the other direction, the 30 sign is there purely for decorative reasons and many motorists actually do not bother braking at all even though there is a tight bend ahead.

Recently I was sticking to the speed limit around that bend when a nutter who should not be allowed on the road, blasted his horn at me and then carried out an overtaking manouevre which was the work of a lunatic.

I remember a recent occasion when local residents in Blacko and the Ightenhill area of Burnley were given mobile speed cameras for the day.

I would like one for the weekend and would be more than happy to split the proceeds with the police.

If they harvested the penalty points and I got the fines, I would be a very rich man indeed within 48 hours!