Authorities should clamp down on inconsiderate parkers

Inconsiderate workers blocking pavements and obstructing cycle lanes
Inconsiderate workers blocking pavements and obstructing cycle lanes
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Mr Pendle does a fair bit of walking on the streets of the borough, and cannot help but notice the increasing number of vehicles parked with at least two – and sometimes more – tyres on the pavement.

It is something that causes inconvenience and annoyance to pedestrians who find their right of way partially obstructed by cars which should not be there.

And should that pedestrian happen to be a mother with a pram, or an elderly person with a walking aid, that inconvenience and annoyance is multiplied several times.

And the question posed in Mr Pendle’s company the other evening was: “Why don’t the police do something about these people who are breaking the law?”

Nobody could come up with an answer, so the suggestion was thrown in that it was too much trouble for them to tackle the offenders and bring them to book.

Those committing the offence are nearly always of the “I’m all right, Jack” mentality who think they can park where they want and stick two fingers in the air to anyone who complains about them.

Personally, Mr Pendle is sure the authorities are not too busy to take the relevant action, but even so, he would be interested to know just what they intend to do to stop this sort of thing happening and keep pavements in Pendle clear to be used for the purpose they were put in place for.