Barnoldswick a magical town for shoppers

Shopper's dream: Old Westgate in Barnoldswick, 1953
Shopper's dream: Old Westgate in Barnoldswick, 1953
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A trip to a 1950s West Craven this week with an excellent evocative scene of bygone Barnoldswick.

Here, circa 1953, is the olde-worlde Westgate area of the town.

Centre stage is “Dawson’s” general stores complete with its enamel signs advertising products of the era, including Lyon’s tea, Colman’s rice-starch, Rinso soap powder and Craven “A” cigarettes.

See also higher up at the bottom of Cavendish Street the splendid Victorian gas lamp which today has been replaced by the now ubiquitous electric lamp standard.

Barnoldswick has a fine reputation for its many varied, local shops and businesses, and unlike Colne and Nelson did not suffer the wholesale civic vandalism of the 1950s and 60s.

Barnoldswick still retains many pleasing and aesthetic buildings and is always a joy to visit.