Barnoldswick ‘beach’ flag stolen

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Councillors in Barnoldswick are appealing for the return of a special flag taken from the town’s popular beach.

One of the colourful polysilk flags decorating the marquee housing the beach was taken on Thursday, August 9th and has not been seen since.

Coun. David Whipp said: “The flag is one of a set designed by local children five years ago. The flags have a special place in the hearts of Barlickers and have been used to liven up events and activities for several years without any problems.

“The flags were originally made for a festival of flight and have designs of butterflies and planes on them. Since the flags were made, they’ve been flown each year during special events in the town.

“This is the first time that one of them has been taken. It’s a disgrace that the work of children is casually trashed like this.”

The flag, which is on a distinctive three metre bamboo pole, was last seen in the hands of two or three young men on Rainhall Road on the night it was taken and Coun. Whipp has appealed for its return or anybody with any information of its whereabouts to come forward.

Meanwhile, Barnoldswick’s beach has continued to sand blast previous records, with 5,000 visitors in the first week alone.

The beach, provided by Barnoldswick Town Council for residents and visitors and run entirely by volunteers, is open until Wednesday, August 29th.

While there is no charge for the beach or activities, there is a collection bucket for donations towards Help for Heroes and Barnoldswick and Earby Bosom Friends.