Barnoldswick couple rescued from roof in fire horror

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A COUPLE had to be rescued from the roof of their home in Barnoldswick after escaping a fire in the early hours of this morning.

The three-storey house on Walmsgate became quickly smoke-logged after a fire started in the kitchen, believed to have been caused by the fridge-freezer.

Barnoldswick watch manager Mick Strickland from Lancashire Fire and Rescue said: “There was very dense smoke in the house when we got there and the occupants were trapped on the second floor. The lady had climbed onto the roof and the man was coming out of the window.

“They were taken straight to Airedale Hospital and I will be able to get more information from them when they are released, hopefully later today.”

Fire crews attended the incident from Barnoldswick, and Colne. There was severe fire damage to the fridge-freezer, kitchen units and the rest of the kitchen and conservatory. There was also severe smoke damage to the rest of the ground floor, and moderately to the first and second floor bedrooms.