Barnoldswick firefighter’s 30 years’ service

Bryan Hudson
Bryan Hudson

A DEDICATED firefighter has been recognised for 30 years’ service.

Bryan Hudson (57) joined Lancashire County Fire Brigade as a retained firefighter on June 1st, 1981, and has served his career at Barnoldswick Fire Station. Incredibly, Bryan provides 120 hours of cover to the fire team each week, on top of his full-time employment at Rolls-Royce as a fan blade polisher.

Bryan recalled his first call-out to be one of the most interesting; rescuing a stuck cow that was damming a narrow ditch in a stream and getting into deeper trouble. Bryan and his colleagues dug channels into the banking and succeeded in freeing the casualty, getting it onto its feet and walking it a short way downstream to a point where it could be dragged out of the ditch by fastening fire hoses around it which were tethered to a tractor.

He said his most challenging incident to deal with was when a car careered into a stone bus shelter with a slate roof, so the vehicle was buried under slates and rubble. Only when the debris had been removed did the firefighters realise all five teenage occupants were dead, making the incident one of the saddest and most harrowing Bryan has attended in 30 years of service.

Bryan said of his time as a firefighter: “I have seen many friends and colleagues come and go and for most of the time have found the role challenging and very demanding. Without the help and support of my wife Angela I am quite sure it would not have been possible to so successfully combine my duties with my full-time work.

“Rolls-Royce too have been very supportive. Never once in the 20 years I have worked for them have they objected to me turning out to incidents.” In his spare time Bryan enjoys spending time with family. His hobbies include DIY, reading, motorbikes and caravanning.