Barnoldswick man made threats to kill

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

A DRUNKEN man threatened to kill his terrified ex-partner in the early hours because he felt tormented about not being a dad, a court heard.

Paul Loughridge (37), an epileptic said to have mental health issues, had been in a pub when a woman had insisted on showing him pictures of his ex-wife’s new baby with her current partner.

He had thought she was trying to “rub his nose in it.”

Pennine magistrates were told Loughridge’s former partner, Sharon Heaton was a mother of four.

None of the children had been his and he would say she would emphasise that fact to him.

Loughridge, who should not drink on his medication, went to Ms Heaton’s house on the way home, kicked her door and threatened to kill her and her ex-partners.

She was left in fear for herself and her family.

The defendant, of Gisburn Road, Barnoldswick, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour on September 10th.

He was bailed until October 12th for a pre-sentence report.

The Bench, who said they were looking at mental health treatment, banned him from going near the victim’s home.

The hearing was told at 1 a.m. Ms Heaton heard a knock at the door.

She allowed the defendant in, but he was shouting at her and being aggressive.

She contacted the police and they told him to leave.

About an hour later, the defendant returned, was banging and kicking at the door and made the threats to kill. He was arrested.

The defendant told officers he knew he had been agitated, but that they had been idle threats and he had no intention of carrying them out.

Mr Glen Smith (defending), said it was very rare that Loughridge went out.

He said he felt his ex-wife’s friend was rubbing his nose in it over the new baby.

Ms Heaton would emphasise he was not the father of her children and he thought the baby photos were the catalyst for what happened.

Mr Smith said: “This was a completely one -off incident.

“He can’t remember saying things. He was in a very emotional state.”