BARNOLDSWICK: Post office worker’s Gok Wan transformation

Rachel Woods who appeared on the Gok Wan show on Channel 4 on Tuesday evening. A010211/2c
Rachel Woods who appeared on the Gok Wan show on Channel 4 on Tuesday evening. A010211/2c

A POSTAL worker was transformed into a fashion princess and given a starring role on TV this week.

Rachel Woods (37), who lives with her family in Barnoldswick and works at Royal Mail’s Skipton sorting office, was featured on Gok Wan’s new show on Channel 4 on Tuesday night with three of her colleagues.

The four woman applied to appear on the show because they were fed up of looking masculine in their work uniforms.

Rachel, who has worked for Royal Mail for nearly 15 years, said: “We just applied for a laugh and never expected to get on the show.

“We wear the same uniform every day and surrounded by lots of blokes we’d all forgotten about our feminine sides. Even when we got home from work we’d just change into the same thing - jeans and a T-shirt.”

With three children - Charlotte (15) and Callum (11), both at West Craven High Technology College and Imogen (6), a pupil at Barnoldswick CE School in York Street - Rachel spends her time away from work looking after them, keeping their house on Dickens Avenue in order and walking the family dog.

Charlotte said: “She works from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then is tidying and making tea. When she’s got money she should spend it on herself every so often.”

In fact, the last time Rachel could remember wearing a dress was when she married husband Kevin (41) and she never made any time to look after her appearance.

The family were on holiday in Colchester when the call came through from the production team to say Rachel would appear on the show. She was extremely shocked, but not as much as when Gok Wan turned up at the Skipton sorting office to surprise the ladies.

They were filmed at work, and then in their individual homes before being taken on a shopping trip to Leeds to learn more about their body shapes and appropriate clothing. The week of filming culminated in a big catwalk show in Harrogate, with the ladies as the star models.

Rachel said: “The catwalk show was the best thing about the week. It was scary at first and we had no idea our family and friends had been brought over for it but it was brilliant.

“It gave me so much confidence and at least we weren’t naked like on Gok Wan’s other show!”

Following the filming, Rachel said she had lots more confidence and had treated herself to some shopping trips to keep up her glam look.

“Before the show I always stuck to dark colours. When they put me in a red dress I’d never have bought something so bright but it was beautiful and I will buy clothes like that again. None of us had ever looked so glamorous.”

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