Barnoldswick’s longest-serving shopkeepers retire after 60 years

Fred and Linda Nutter who are retiring from their shop, J Nutter & Son Newsagents.
Fred and Linda Nutter who are retiring from their shop, J Nutter & Son Newsagents.

BARNOLDSWICK’s longest serving shopkeeper today retires the family name from the town after 60 years in business.

Fred Nutter (62) and his wife Linda (61) have spent 48 and 37 years respectively at J. Nutter and Son Newsagents in Albert Road, and are looking forward to spending more time with their family.

Fred’s parents opened the newsagents in Rainhall Road in 1952 before relocating in 1979. Fred began as a paper boy aged nine, moving behind the counter at 15.

The couple bought the business off Fred’s parents in 1978 and have overseen a thriving shop which has changed with the times. In that time, Fred also became Barlick’s longest serving shopkeeper.

On Sunday, Fred and Linda will celebrate with family, marking their retirement, Fred’s 63rd birthday and their granddaughter’s first birthday.

Linda said: “We’ve made a lot of good friends through it and we’ve had some good laughs with people. We’ve also had some really good staff over the years.

“We’ve had to move with the times. As well as news, obviously, we used to sell a lot of fountain pens, notepads and envelopes but we sell more computer things now and have extended the greeting cards range.”

Fred added: “I’m in my 48th year in the business. When I started, there were 13 newsagents in Barnoldswick, now it’s down to two. I still enjoy it. It’s a grand town, everybody is friendly. I don’t mind the early starts in summer but I won’t miss the cold, dark, wet mornings in winter.

“We’re hoping to see our grandchildren more. We have a small apartment in Portugal where we want to spend more time at and we both play golf.

“I’d like to thank all the staff and paperboys we’ve employed and thank all our customers. We also wish the new owners the very best.”

The business has been bought by Lacky and Suky, of Singh’s Newsagents and Off-Licence in Gisburn Road.