Barrowford Primary School rated ‘satisfactory’ by Ofsted

Poet Terry Caffrey works with the children at Barrowford Primary School. Photo Ben Parsons
Poet Terry Caffrey works with the children at Barrowford Primary School. Photo Ben Parsons
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Barrowford School has been rated “satisfactory” by Ofsted following an inspection in February.

Since the regulators last visit, the Rushton Street school was said to have had many positive changes since appointing new headteacher Mrs Rachel Tomlinson which in turn has led to the curriculum being reviewed and improved, and accommodation upgraded.

The report said the school had improved attainment “rapidly and securely”, and learning was “fun” for the pupils.

“The headteacher has a clear vision for the school’s development and is moving the school forward well. The relatively new senior leadership team is increasingly taking responsibility for key management responsibilities.

“Good care, guidance and support contribute to the positive attitudes pupils have to learning and their confidence to participate in school life.”

Pupils were said to respond positively to learning and the teaching team was praised for being dedicated and hard-working, while crediting the positive relationships with pupils.

The newly built “the Place” - which has been established for vulnerable pupils has meant “great strides” had been taken to support weaker pupils and was said to be a “super resource”.

The report concluded that, to improve, more able pupils should be challenged more to take their learning above and beyond their current understanding, and attainment in Key Stage 2 writing could be improved. Ofsted has graded the school’s capacity for sustained improvement as “good”.

Headteacher Mrs Rachel Tomlinson said: “We are pleased with the report from the inspection team. We feel it highlights the huge strides and progress we have made, supports our vision of where we are heading and acknowledges that the whole school community is working together to ensure we are an improving school.”