Blacko home features in BBC drama tonight

Vicki and Harry Devonport's Blacko home was used for the filming of BBC Drama 'Reg'. (S)
Vicki and Harry Devonport's Blacko home was used for the filming of BBC Drama 'Reg'. (S)
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A Pendle couple have said it was a “strange” experience seeing their home in a BBC TV drama.

Vicki and Harry Devonport’s Blacko home was used in the filming of Reg, a Jimmy McGovern drama about Reg Keys, whose son was one of six military policemen murdered in Iraq.

Tim Roth as Reg Keys. (S)

Tim Roth as Reg Keys. (S)

Filming for the drama, which airs on BBC One at 9pm tonight and stars Tim Roth, took place in September last year.

Their house was chosen by LA Productions to be the family home of Reg and Sally Keys, supposedly set in the Welsh countryside.

Vicki and Harry were invited to see the premiere of the show and described it as “a story which needs to be told”.

Vicki said: “We were delighted a few days ago to be invited by the film company to attend the premiere film screening of Reg in Liverpool.

“The drama was well received by the audience of media, film and TV people, including some well-known faces.

“As usual with Jimmy McGovern dramas, it was hard hitting and gave us plenty to think about.

“Reg Keys and his son, Richard, were also in the audience and Reg took part in a question and answer session after the screening. It simply is a story that needs to be told.”

Vicki added: “It did seem really strange to see our house on film and for such a poignant story.

“There are several scenes taken in the lounge, dining room, hallway and garden.

“There are also some fantastic external shots of the outside of the house and the Blacko countryside, including Blacko Tower prominently featuring.

“It also seemed weird to see Tim Roth in our bed as well as the mess in our kitchen.

“In the scene taken in our garage, Harry was embarrassed to see the several boxes of wine bottles on the back window sill and wishes he could say that these were brought in as props!”