Bodybuilder Colin ready for the World

Colin Tyson
Colin Tyson
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Bodybuilder Colin Tyson has his sights set on the World Championships after finishing fourth in this year’s Mr Universe.

Colin only decided to compete again, after an 18-year break from the sport, following a chance meeting with late Fitness Factory owner Michael Coupe.

It became Colin and Michael’s goal to get Colin back to the top of his game and within 18 months Colin won the Mr UK title.

Sadly Michael died in September and, with the Fitness Factory closing its doors, Colin had to decide whether or not to continue.

With the support of close family and friends, including Michael’s fiancé Sam and son Ben Coupe, Dave Burnett, Margaret Duckworth of Intershape Fitness and Muscle Meats, Lifestyle Fitness and Muscle Factory, Colin knuckled down and dieted for six months, dropping 20kg in body weight to get in shape to take to the stage to compete in the Mr Universe competition in Italy.

Fourth here, he then managed to take the podium in the Mr Europe competition a day later, finishing in third place.

Colin will continue to train and is now considering competing in the World Championships in Rome later in the year.

In the meantime he will continue to train and mentor new up and coming talent and, in particular, will work hard to get Tariq Khan of Muscle Factory, Daneshouse, in world class shape ready for the World Championships.