Brothers in cycling marathon

James and John Dent on Les Lambles in Barcelona after cycling 1,000 miles from London to the Catalan capital.
James and John Dent on Les Lambles in Barcelona after cycling 1,000 miles from London to the Catalan capital.

TWO Blacko brothers are hot on the “wheels” of Lancashire cycling stars Bradley Wiggins and Steven Burke after clocking up 1,000 miles and raising £5,000 riding from London to Barcelona.

James (26) and John Dent (28), of Malkin Close, pedalled for 10 gruelling days to raise thousands of pounds for Cancer Research, a charity close to their heart.

Having seen close family and friends affected by cancer, the brothers wanted to help raise money for the charity which supports so many people and their families as well as looking into new research.

James, who runs his own Creative Digital Marketing business, and elder brother John, an architect in London, waved goodbye to the English weather and said bonjour and hola to the respective countries as they flew down the winding roads on their road bikes.

The former Walton High School and Nelson and Colne College pupils set their minds – and their clocks – to the test when they hopped on their bike saddles and set off on their epic journey from Hampton Court Palace, London, and off into the blistering heat finishing on Les Rambles in Barcelona.

With their hard work and strong calves, the men averaged 100 miles per day, battling the searing summer heat, saddle sore, punctures and traffic in order to complete their goal.

James said: “Many thought this was a crazy thing to do. However, I love a challenge and it turned out to be one of the most amazing events in my life to date – even if we did nearly get wiped out by a French lorry!

“But we all got to Barcelona in one piece in our target of 10 days and in doing so raised more than we could have ever imagined.

“My mission to Barcelona was a truly humbling experience, one that has since changed many aspects of my life and I am now an avid cyclist.

John added: “Thank you to everyone who supported James and . The money we have handed over will in turn help raise the vital funds that our chosen charity, Cancer Research needs each year to keep tackling and researching the illness.”

Their efforts were recognised at Colne Noyna Rotary Club’s annual dinner when James was presented with a cheque for £500.