Burnley super slimmer Sam becomes weight loss guru after shedding nine stone

Sam Tomlinson before he shed an incredible 9st 2lbs.
Sam Tomlinson before he shed an incredible 9st 2lbs.

The idea of going to a slimming club was one of the obstacles that seemed to be stopping Sam Tomlinson from shedding weight.

And it took his brother to sign up for the classes before Sam finally decided to join Slimming World at Burnley's Ighten Mount Social Club.

Sam's 'after' picture shows the amazing transformation of his weight loss.

Sam's 'after' picture shows the amazing transformation of his weight loss.

Now Sam's only regret is he didn't do it sooner after he shed an incredible 9st 3lbs in 16 months and was one of the last 37 contenders chosen from 6,000 hopefuls for the Slimming World Man of the Year.

He was invited along to the glittering presentation ceremony with class leader Vicky Bradshaw and the duo were thrilled to meet footballing legend Emile Heskey

Sam said: "There was only myself and another man from Sunderland who were nominated for the North area so it felt like a real achievement to be in the top 37."

The 25-year-old decided it was time to try and lose weight after he saw a photograph of himself with a friend but Sam was so much larger!

Sam said: "We looked alike as children and people always used to ask if we were brothers but looking at the picture of us I couldn't believe the difference in size and I wondered how I had managed to get that big."

Although he had tried other diets before, Sam had always given up and he had imagined that a weight loss club would be a 'women's only' domain.

But when his brother signed up he went along too and lost almost half-a-stone during his first weigh in. From there on he continued to clock up excellent losses week after week.

Sam said: "I never expected to lose because I didn't feel like I was on a diet at all because I could eat so much good healthy food."

Inspired by his transformation, male friends and colleagues wanted to know the key to Sam's success and he found himself sharing diet tips and recipes.

Sam was inundated with messages on social media also so set up his own Instagram account to offer help and encouragement to other men, and women, who wanted to emulate his success.

Sam, who works as a supervisor in the animal welfare department of Colne's Woodhead Brothers Meat Company, said: "For a time I was the only man in my class but the support you receive from class members and the consultant is a really good help."

Sam has dropped from tipping the scales at 23st 2lbs to around 13 stone 5lbs, a weight he is more than happy with.

Swapping take aways and oven ready pizzas for home-made versions packed with a variety of spices has been the key to Sam's success, along with cutting down on his alcohol intake.

He has developed a love of cooking and makes everything from scratch so he knows exactly what he is eating.

A former pupil of Unity College, Burnley, Sam used to go out drinking every weekend but now he limits that to once a month. He was a regular gym user before he lost the weight around three times a week but he is now there six or seven times.

Sam said: "It is about a lifestyle change really and I feel so much fitter and happier.

"I have maintained the same weight now for three months so I know what I need to do to keep the weight off."