Burst water main which flooded street is now repaired

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Firefighters from Nelson, Colne and Burnley attended an incident of severe flooding in Nelson after a mains water pipe burst.

Numerous houses and businesses in the Bradley Hall Road and Fulham Street area of Nelson were affected by water which was cascading down the street.

Firefighters, who were called out just before 7pm on Thursday, used pumps to clear as much surface water away from the area.

Police temporarily closed the road as firefighters worked closely alongside them United Utilities and other local authorities. United Utilities say the burst main has now been repaired.

A spokesman said: "We attended a burst water main in Bradley Hall Road, Nelson in the early hours of Friday.

"We managed to keep supplies on for our customers by moving water around our network of pipes, and engineers repaired the damaged pipe by 9am on Friday morning.

"Our engineers also worked closely with the fire services who helped clear water from the road."

The incident is almost two years ago to the day since a burst water main caused major disruption in Bradley Hall Road, which also sent water swilling around the road.