40 jobs lost at Rolls-Royce in Barnoldswick

Rolls-Royce, Bankfield site Barnoldswick.'Photo Ben Parsons
Rolls-Royce, Bankfield site Barnoldswick.'Photo Ben Parsons
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Union bosses have expressed disappointment that 40 further shop floor jobs are to be lost at Rolls-Royce’s Barnoldswick sites.

The 40 jobs are part of a 2,600 worldwide reduction to be carried out throughout 2015 and adds to the 146 redundancies which have been made at Barnoldswick’s Bankfield and Ghyll Brow sites this year.

Unite convenor Jon Brough says he finds it a “bizarre” strategy when work is set to increase in 2016 and further still in 2017 and believes Barnoldswick has taken more than its fair share of losses.

Mr Brough said: “It’s come a bit out of the blue and has put us back a bit. We were just about there with volunteers for the last round.

“It’s quite short-termism as well. I think we could mitigate the 40 jobs for when the workload comes back in a year or two’s time, when we will have the workforce there.

“Singapore is not seeing a reduction in its workforce. There was a promise to us a few years ago at Barnoldswick that there was nothing to fear in terms of jobs.

“We’re getting on for 200 reductions here at Barnoldswick now which is close to 25% of the population.

“If there’s one positive, and it’s at a very early stage, is that they are still talking about wanting to put substantial investment into Barnoldswick eventually.”