Barnoldswick marina plan refused

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PLANS for a new marina building and 10 lodges to be built at Lower Park Marina, Barnoldswick, have been refused.

Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee considered the application, recommended for approval by planning officers, and councillors agreed it would negatively impact on the openness of the surrounding countryside and be too prominent.

Speaking at the meeting, neighbour Stephen Duckworth said: “How many developments are proposed for this area? If we are not careful this beautiful valley will be devalued. I have looked at other lodge developments and very few have designed landscaping. It can take years and years to grow and might only provide sporadic cover.”

The applicant’s agent, Alan Kinder, said: “The scheme has been amended significantly from the original form, from 15 lodges to 10 in liaison with officers to ensure this doesn’t impact on the setting. In excess of 1,000 new trees would be planted.

“The aim is to diversify the tourism business and improve the tourism spend in the local economy.”

Coun. David Whipp said: “I am generally very supportive of tourism; increasing the number of visitors and creating jobs but I think one of the reasons people like our area is because it is surrounded by stunning countryside and people like the distinct townships we have got. This week the county council is going to be formalising a plan to build a primary school on green fields on land next to the high school.

“I fear we are being confronted with this Reedley development which will affect further the Barnoldswick boundary with Salterforth. I don’t think that is what visitors come to our area for. We are not going to have open countryside if we are not careful.”