Brierfield cottages empty for 20 years to be sold

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a ROW of five cottages on the main road through Brierfield, three of which have been empty for more than 20 years, are to be placed on the open market and sold to a developer.

The cottages - numbers 72 to 80 Burnley Road - had been purchased by Pendle Council during the last Labour Government for improvement as part of its Housing Market Renewal programme.

However, the cessation of the programme by the Coalition Government meant there was no further funding for the Improvement for Sale project so the cottages have remained in their present condition.

A report to Thursday’s meeting of the Executive told members numbers 76, 78 and 80 had been vacant for more than 20 years and were in a poor condition, while numbers 72 and 74 required extensive works to make them habitable.

Chairman and housing portfolio holder Coun. Joe Cooney said the council was looking at various options for the improvement of the cottages, but added if the council did the work it would end up with a cash shortfall and there was no guarantee the properties would be sold.

Coun. Tony Greaves said he was very unhappy about the situation.

“We are seriously letting down the people of Brierfield, but we have been seriously let down by the Government.

“We have fallen into a trap that is not of our own making.”

Coun. Greaves urged caution on the sale to ensure the properties were sold to a reputable developer.