Burnley FC manager phones Clarets fans

Tom Heaton and Sean Dyche making calls at the new centre
Tom Heaton and Sean Dyche making calls at the new centre
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Clarets fans were given a real shock when manager Sean Dyche gave them a ring at the official opening of a new call centre.

The club has opened the new centre, which is based at the ground, as a way of driving up attendances at Turf Moor.

Ticket office staff and students from UCFB will make direct contact with lapsed season ticket holders and occasional visitors to Turf Moor to find out their reasons for losing touch with the club.

And Dyche, who was joined by Clarets stopper Tom Heaton, made the first calls, speaking to a number of supporters to discover their reasons for not renewing season tickets this season.

The call centre is the brainchild of co-chairman John Banaszkiewicz, who is steering the drive to win back fans.

He said: “We have had a fantastic start to the season and are close to breaking records and we wanted to be able to appeal to fans to come on down and watch this special team.

“We are particularly targeting lapsed season ticket holders, while always being aware there will be many varying reasons why those supporters are either unwilling or unable to attend on a regular basis.

“If we look at our database, we have details of all supporters, from regular season ticket holders to those who have only ever attended one game.

“But it’s important that we speak to a cross-section of those who do not come regularly to see if there are ways we can help attract them back.

“Sean and Tom Heaton were delighted to help out and make the first calls and I think they probably caused a few heart attacks when supporters answered their calls.”