Burnley free parking scheme is scrapped

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A FREE parking plan for Burnley town centre has been scrapped after it failed to attract more visitors to the town.

During August, September and October last year, the council’s new Labour administration introduced free parking on some Saturdays.

However, shoppers were bemused because it only applied on selected days and they did not know when the free parking was available.

Motorists complained at the time that they did not know parking was free because the signs on the car parks were too small to see.

Council bosses say they will now use the money set aside for the initiative to provide events to promote the town centre and attract visitors.

A continental market, arts and craft and fair trade markets, brass band concerts, live music and a street entertainers’ festival have all been mooted.

Work is also likely to be done to improve the pedestrianised area of the town centre as well as installing improved seating and lighting.

Residents, visitors and town centre businesses can comment on the draft designs in a consultation event.

It is hoped the scheme will complement Charter Walk’s £3.5m. Market Square redevelopment, which begins later this year.