Car insurance is ‘crippling’ young drivers

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INSURANCE companies should offer fairer deals when insuring younger drivers, according to Ribble Valley’s Conservative MP Nigel Evans.

“According to the DVLA, there are 2,075,271 licence holders aged between 16 and 20,” said Mr Evans.

“These young drivers are being hammered by the cost of insurance, which in many cases can actually cost more than the car itself! The problem is particularly acute in rural areas such as the Ribble Valley because of the lack of regular public transport.

“Young people in rural areas who manage to get themselves a job will more than likely need to use a car. We must avoid a situation where there is a genuine financial conflict between accepting a job and affording car insurance. For these young people, the car is not a luxury but a necessity.

“I do recognise young people are in a high risk bracket for insurance, but the vast majority of them are not involved in accidents, nor do they drive dangerously. It does seem they are being punished before they have even sat behind the wheel.

Calling on the insurance industry to come up with better solutions for young drivers, Mr Evans added: “There needs to be more imagination in this area. Whether it is the offer of a rebate after a year of no claims or an insurance quote based on the scores in the practical driving test, insurance companies must recognise that hard working young people in rural areas are seriously struggling to meet their demands.

“I have been in touch with the Association of British Insurers and I hope to meet with them later this week in order to discuss how we can best take this forward.”