Crave Jacket by Didriksons

Crave Jacket by Didriksons
Crave Jacket by Didriksons
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It’s a dilemma we all face now the weather seems to have gone slightly strange.

Do we stay cool or wrap up. It’s a hard one to call at the moment, with sun kissed days and chilly nights. But there is nothing worse than heading outdoors and being too cold or hot. Clothing experts from Swedish firm Didriksons seem to have it just right. With their #foreveryrainyday range , they provide cover for all eventualities.

Women will just love the Crave jacket because it is designed to insulate your body to make sure you are at just the right temperature. It’s from Didriksons 16 Activewear Collection and looks fabulous.

It can be worn as a second layer when the weather is bad, or one its own if it’s cool. Made from 100 % polyester knit, it’s a two way stretch with special thumb holes to make life easier.

Coming in a range of colours, it’s a great buy for any weather!

Crave Jacket by Didriksons,