Earby Youth Hostel saved?

Earby Youth Hostel
Earby Youth Hostel
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Pendle Council has agreed to transfer Earby Youth Hostel to a local trust or Earby’s town council to keep it open as a youth hostel.

The decision was taken at Thursday’s Transfer of Services Committee after Coun. David Whipp raised the issue at the meeting.

“Pendle Council owns Earby Youth Hostel as a result of the last rescue of the building,” said Councillor Whipp. “Several years ago, the YHA wanted to close the hostel and sell off the building, with Pendle director Brian Cookson I travelled to the YHA HQ in Derbyshire to negotiate a rescue package which involved Pendle Council buying the building and leasing it back to the YHA on favourable terms.

“Last Friday, the YHA informed Pendle that they wouldn’t be renewing the lease at the end of October. This has subsequently been extended to January, but there isn’t much time to save the hostel.

“With huge government cuts set to see Pendle’s annual spending slashed by a third, almost £5 million pounds, in the next three years, the borough council is already transferring property and services to parish and town councils or community groups. This is the best hope for the youth hostel.

“Whatever the outcome of discussion with the YHA, Earby’s hostel can remain in the safe hands of a local trust or the town council."