Fewer new homes to be built across Pendle?

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Pendle Council’s Executive has agreed key changes to the council’s Core Strategy.

The strategy is Pendle’s most important planning document, intended to guide development in the borough up to 2030.

The latest changes address new evidence and comments from the public consultation held earlier in the year.

The main change is a proposed reduction in the figure for the number of new houses to be built in Pendle between now and 2030.

In March, councillors were recommended to increase this figure from 290 to 314 a year.

But, to reflect new Government statistics projecting a reduction in population growth over the next 15 years in Pendle, this has been revised down to 298.

The Executive’s decision will go before tonight’s full council meeting and, if confirmed, there could be a further public consultation, where people can say whether or not they think the chosen strategy is sound and the document is legally compliant.

At the close of this consultation, the document, and all comments received, will be sent to the Secretary of State, who will appoint an inspector to conduct an independent examination of the strategy.

To view the strategy and all its supporting documents, visit www.pendle.gov.uk/corestrategy