Higham firm donates meat hamper to Maundy Relief


higham farm shop Roaming Roosters has made a meaty donation to an Accrington charity which provides immediate response support to local poverty.

Maundy Relief is run by 80-year-old Benedictine nun Dorothy McGregor, who leads a remarkable way of life, dedicating everything she possibly can to those in need.

On hearing about the charity, Roaming Roosters owners Simon and Nick Mellin felt they could help with a regular meat hamper donation which will help feed the many visitors who come through Maundy Relief’s doors every day.

With an impressive team of 80 volunteers, Maundy Relief offers counselling, drug and alcohol services, food parcels, advice on social services and housing support as well as healing therapies including Reiki and massage, outdoor activities such as fishing and gardening and training on life skills for those most in need.

When Roaming Roosters were told about Dorothy’s generous work, they were taken aback and wanted to help.

Simon said: “We are all amazed by Dorothy and her selfless, caring, remarkable spirit. We are hoping our monthly meat hampers will help and we are assured the five chickens and other accompanying meats will be put to good use.”

Carl Wright, one of the lead volunteers at the centre, said: “This donation from Roaming Roosters really will go a long way here. It will be great to provide our pop-in visitors with locally reared, fresh, quality meat and we cannot thank them enough.”