Inquest: man turned to drink after losing job

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A coroner has reached a narrative conclusion at the inquest into the death of a 52-year-old Nelson man.

Stephen Plumb was found dead at his home in Pine Street in February this year by police who were called to the house by his landlord who was unable to contact him.

His body was behind the front door and examinations revealed Mr Plumb had been dead for at least 72 hours.

Mr Plumb’s wife, Jean, said she and her husband had parted in 2009. He had been unable to get a job and resorted to drink rather than seek help. This impacted on his physical and mental health. He had several spells in hospital and his health seemed to improve but when he was released he began drinking again, she said.

Pathologist Dr Walid Salman told the inquest that because of the length of time Mr Plumb had been dead, it was unable to ascertain an exact cause of death, although there were no signs of external violence or that he had fallen downstairs.

In reaching his conclusion, East Lancashire Coroner Richard Taylor said he did so as there was no natural cause of Mr Plumb’s death.