‘Jimmy’s’ homes decision in Nelson is deferred

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A DECISION on plans to build more than 100 homes on a former sports field in Nelson has been deferred again - to allow time for talks with the developer over the provision of green space in the area.

Residents living in the Priory Chase area, whose narrow road would be used as access to the development site, reiterated their objections to the plans made at the last Nelson Committee meeting, saying narrow Priory Chase was unsuitable and the amount of traffic it would generate would lead to gridlock at the junction of Clough Road and Barkerhouse Road, pointing out as well the road network in the area was unsuitable in inclement weather.

But Gleesons spokesman Steve Gamble said the £9m. scheme would be of great benefit to Nelson in terms of jobs and investment.

“We are committed to ths scheme and if permission is refused we would be obliged to appeal. If it goes ahead, it is one everyone can be proud of,” he said.

Coun. Dunn said the developer had gone quite a long way to addressing residents’ concerns but major worries remained over the access road used by lorries.

“All the green fields in that area have had houses built on in the last 20 years and if this field is developed, there will be none left,” she said.

Coun. David Whipp said the provision of open space had been a requirement of planning permissions granted elsewhere and should be so in this case.

“Refusal might be an empty gesture if this went to appeal and I feel we should defer a decision to allow time to talk to the developer about open space,” he said.

Pedestrian access issues will also be part of the discussions and the matter will come back before the committee on May 23rd.