LETTER: Argos right to move out of Nelson

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With reference to your headline about Argos kicking Nelson in the teeth by closing the Nelson store, if they are not making a profit, why should they stay open?

Why is Pendle Council wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds re-opening the road in the town centre? We were told years ago that pedestrianising the town centre would improve it and after spending thousands, it has made it worse, so why are they wasting this money now?

More money should be spent cleaning the town up to make it a bit more attractive, like keeping the streets litter-free and people keeping dustbins in their yards or gardens like they are supposed to be. In some parts of town, they are left out all the time and are blown all over the streets and roads.

All this littering began after recycling was introduced and it is time something was done.


Wickworth Street, Nelson