MP calls for investment in Colne school

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Cash notes 20s

Lancashire County Council has defended itself against criticism of a lack of investment in a Pendle high school.

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson this week called on county councillors to put politics aside and carry out improvement works at Colne Park High School.

He also claimed that despite repeated letters to County Coun. Matthew Tomlinson, cabinet member for schools, he had had no reply.

But County Coun. Tomlinson said he had responded by letter to Mr Stephenson in November and that, in the past three years, around £700,000 had been spent on the Venables Avenue school and further works were planned for the summer.

He also said a visit to the school planned for Tuesday with County Coun. Azhar Ali, cabinet member for health and well being and Labour’s prospective Parliamentary candidate in Pendler at next year’s General Election, had been planned for some time.

Mr Stephenson said: “There is no need for County Coun. Ali to visit the school. He’s a Nelson county councillor, with no education remit.

“The county council is delaying urgent repairs at this school in order to get a photo opportunity for Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate.”

County Coun. Ali said he would be discussing health matters with pupils on his visit and called the actions of Mr Stephenson’s campaign manager County Coun. Paul White “despicable” in regard to supposed photo opportunities when Conservative publicity material regularly featured photographs of Mr Stephenson and County Coun. White.

And County. Coun. Tomlinson said: “We have spent more than £700,000 at Park at a time when Mr Stephenson’s Government is making cuts.”