Neighbours claim Colne supermarket noise keeps them awake at night

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A COLNE man who lives near the town’s new Sainsbury’s Store reckons noises from it are keeping him awake in the night.

Sean Machin raised the issue with Pendle Council’s Colne and District Committee during the public question time session, asking what they could do to solve his problems.

Mr Machin said there had been a whole series of reasons for noisy nights - wagons arriving “morning, noon and night”, gates banging and fridges creating noises when doors were opened at night.

And he said: “I was wondering if there is anything that can be taken forward to let me sleep nice at night!” He added he had been “fobbed off” by a manager at the store when he raised the issue with him.

The committee’s chairman, Coun. Graham Waugh, said bleeping sounds from reversing vehicles was an issue, and things like fruit, vegetables and milk were delivered in the night. He added: “They are moving a lot of rubbish as well at night and keeping you awake.”

And Coun. Neil Butterworth who lives near there said noises happened through the night. “Obviously, they are not sticking to the rules,” he alleged. “If people are woken up at 3-50 in the morning they can’t get back to sleep. They go to work tired. It needs sorting. Obviously, the manager doesn’t know anything about it. If I lived there, I would be there in my car blocking it off!”

Coun. Ann Kerrigan said she had spoken to residents in Norfolk Street who had said they didn’t have a problem. But she suggested they should get experts to look at the noise at night.

Mrs Rebecca Palmer, from Sainsbury’s, said she would raise the issue. She added: “Sainsbury’s will be upset about this as they try to be a good neighbour.”

Planning chief Mr Neil Watson said: “If there is no formal complaint we can’t take action.” But he said issues like moving empty bottles at night could be raised.

Referring to Mrs Palmer, Coun. Butterworth said: “Let’s give the young lass a chance. Let us sleep - that’s all we want!”

Coun. Waugh made it clear the firm had now asked lorry drivers to avoid using Norfolk Street and to get there via the main road.