Nelson town centre traders call for disc parking to be eased

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SCOTLAND Road traders are calling for disc parking restrictions to be lifted for a three-month trial period on the car park in Goitside, Nelson.

Members of Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee heard one trader, Maurice Blezard, say the car park was rarely more than one-third full, which did not look good for the town.

“If the car park is full, it gives the impression people are coming to Nelson to shop,” he said.

“For the last few years, Nelson has gone downhill. Footfall has been down. All town centres are the same as trade has been taken by business parks.

“The Goitside car park is handy for shops and disc parking puts people off when they go to find a shop with discs in the rain and come back to their car and find they have been booked.”

The council’s Executive Director (Regeneration), Mr Brian Cookson, said the legal implications of any easing of disc parking would have to be studied before any action could be taken.