Oddies pair win national award

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TWO members of staff at W.H. Oddies bakery shop in Scotland Road, Nelson, have been presented with new awards from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – the Level 2 Award in practical food safety for catering.

Rebekah Foreman and Michelle Whitehead are the first people in the country to achieve this new award from a course Oddies helped to launch.

It is an accredited course carrying four credits so that in addition to attending a seven-hour course and passing the written test, Michelle and Rebekah had to pass five practical tasks in the workplace.

The tasks they were assessed on were: protecting food, hand washing, cleaning, taking and recording of temperatures and safe food preparation.

Lara Oddie from W.H. Oddie Ltd said: “As this was the launch of the new course, these tasks were not only observed by Maureen Turner (Oddies Health and Hygiene Officer) but also by an assessor from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. This was quite daunting for Rebekah and Michelle but they both came out with flying colours.

“Oddies management deemed the new course a success all round and will now look to replace their usual hygiene course with this new practical course throughout their shops.”