Businesses across UK being killed by uncertainty of Brexit Pendle MP tells captains of industry

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson talks to business leaders about Brexit at #AmazingAccrington.
Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson talks to business leaders about Brexit at #AmazingAccrington.

Pendle MP  Andrew Stephenson has told captains of industry that uncertainty about Brexit is killing businesses across the UK.

Mr Stephenson, who is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Business and Industry, was guest speaker at business leaders group #AmazingAccrington.

Regular meetings are held where business leaders, councillors and those in influential positions get together to talk about Hyndburn and its place within the UK.

Mr Stephenson said that the view he found travelling around the country visiting 30 businesses a month, of different shapes and sizes, was that the uncertainty was affecting their trade.

He told the gathering: "Orders are on hold because they're expecting the UK to do something at the end of October - they did the same back in March.

"We cannot keep extending, that's worse than no deal. Leaving on October 31st, come what may, is the sensible approach … but I do think we will be leaving with a deal."

The MP added that many people were concerned what was going to happen but they did want a change adding: "The mood is parliament is changing.

"People want a change. I still believe we will leave on the basis of a deal but, to get there, I think we have to leave no deal on the table."

Mr Stephenson shared the platform with Hyndburn MP Graham Jones at the event held at Accrington based Surface Print and 1838 Wallcoverings.