Call for action on rogue landlords

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Pendle Labour Party has given its backing to a national party policy of tackling rogue landlords.

This would see a ban on unfair lettings fees, standard tenancies of three years and a cap on annual rent increases.

Party spokesman Malcolm Birks said: “These measures would all make a big difference in Pendle, helping to stop abusive practices by landlords and agencies and the damaging affects on families of constantly being forced to move on.”

Pendle Council’s Executive has called for a report on the rogue landlords situation in the borough to be brought every six months – officers had recommended 12.

Council leader Coun. Joe Cooney told a recent meeting he had seen a privately rented property and confessed to being shocked by it.

He said he did not think people lived in those sorts of conditions and said action was needed against this type of landlord as well as on tenant intimidation.

The council plans to introduce an accredited landlord scheme later this year.